Thanks to TheLensDen.Com for creating an economical, sturdy, compact solution to the abundance of oversized contact lens trial sets. If your office struggles with finding space for the new contacts lens trial set, I recommend you switch to TheLensDen.Com contact lens trial sets for more professional appearance to your office.

Mark D. Jackson, OD 
Fort Collins, Colorado

With the advent of disposable soft contact lenses, office space became critical. We recently moved our office to a new location and realized there had to be a better way. When I saw the mention of “Lens Den” in a recent online contact lens newsletter, my wish was granted. All those bulky plastic units were thrown away and we eliminated over 50% of our storage volume. We have since purchased the Acuvue Advance toric unit and eliminated the old Acuvue plastic units also. What a relief!

I would highly recommend these units to anyone who needs a high volume of diagnostic lenses.

Thank you Lens Den.

Dr. Keith Ditto, Optometrist 
Fort Worth, Texas

I love the Dens we already have and I’m sure I will want others.

James Simonson OD 
Highlands Ranch, CO

Colin, You have done what I have looked for for years to organize my trial CLs.
I just got the new Biofinity toric set with a cabinet that is not bad but doesn’t
begin to compare with your system. so I ordered your superior designed cabinet
to match the one that I use for my oasis toric set. Colin, using the lens den I am
frequently able to save an extra office visit, since I have handy the lens I need
to fine-tune a patient fitting. Colin you have made a real contribution to our
profession and are to be congratulated

Cordially David Rhoads OD PS please feel free to use my endorsement if it helps you to share what you have created.

David Rhoads OD 
Central Dupage Vision Center
Winfield, IL

Yes, we did receive the order. It was actually better then I imagined! Thanks again
for your help. We will definitely be ordering more in the near future.
Thanks again,

Bobby Sengsingkeo L.O.
Office of Dr. Barbara Manion OD